The Partners

The Partners

YEU is a non-governmental organization based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was established in 1995 to advocate for young people raising their voices in society. The mission of YEU Cyprus is to provide young people with the opportunity to become social actors on a local and global level through a participatory and inclusive course of action. It focuses on establishing synergies to further raise awareness on important societal issues, advocate for youth rights through a bottom-up approach, and offer educational opportunities through non-formal education and experiential learning.
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Centre for Competence Development Cyprus-COMCY was established in 2014 in Nicosia, as a non-for profit Training, Research and Development organisation, active in the field of project management, training and consulting. Our vision is to foster the social and business competencies of various target groups of the society (individuals; experts and beneficiaries and organisations) through innovative training solutions and methods. The main aspects and expertise of COMCY are:
  • Previous experience in training and development activities (EU and National level);
  • Expertise in the areas required and level of competence on it;
  • Access to the direct and indirect target groups as it has an established network among the experts.
P.O.D. Association’s mission is to organize actions of promoting, sustaining, supervising, volunteering, participating, etc. necessary for the sustainable development of society in accordance with national guidelines and examples of good practice worldwide in the following fields: Professional education and training.
  • Health, sport, science, arts, traditions, culture and preservation of monuments of national heritage.
  • Environment and nature protection, agriculture and tourism.
  • Economic, cultural and social development
  • Public works and infrastructure.
  • Assistance and counseling individuals and companies.
  • Youth education.
  • Community dynamization.
P.O.D. works in training, education, and development of the 3rd sector, mainly the one that addresses youth and adults, at different levels, for which we use non-formal education.
GLOBAL 2000 is an independent Austrian environmental organization and a member of Friends of the Earth, the largest international network of environmental organizations. GLOBAL 2000 was founded in 1982 and ever since generates public pressure through lobbying, activism, education and releasin information. Our projects set positive examples of ecological solutions for political decision makers, the economy and the people.
Centre for Capacity Building & Empowerment (CCBE) is youth, specially with backgrounds of migrant and refugees, concentrated civil society organization, which connects active adventurous young people together. It works mainly with young people, but also with youth workers, trainers and teachers and organizations active in the non-formal education field and life-long learning. Its members have participated and organized different youth exchanges, study circles, Intercultural gatherings workshops, seminars and training courses concerning equality, media impact, innovation, fight against racism & xenophobia, human rights, mobility and migration, environment protection and related issues.
CCBE has partnered organizations all over Europe and is working to extend ties with organizations outside of Europe. Its main sources of collaborations are with MUCF, Erasmus+ European commission, NBV Studieförbundet, Malmö Municipality, ABF Malmö etc.
Main partnerships:
  • Malmö Ideella Paraply organisationen: worked together to develop EuroDesk in Malmö in partnership with CCBE at its premises.
  • NBV Malmö: Supporting our study circles creating and funding
  • Kompetence Centrum Malmö: working together on organizational capacity building & dissemination of information.
Youth Can is an association established by youth for youth on May 28, 2009. We exist for young people to become active, independent, capable and determined councils who believe that they CAN work or jointly participate and be noticed in society and its changes. We believe that people can take part in communities through youth and social activism as powerful tools for social change and respond to their needs in the community.